Kierkegaard and gospel music: why the walls between Europe and the African diaspora need to come down

This summer, the game changed forever. I was finally able to realise a dream that up until this opportunity (below) would be nothing more than talk. I am writing from both a practical-musical and theological-church perspective when I now say that musical audiences are still more divided and stratified across genre/context than ever before – […]

Reflections on the recent Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives conference (30.07.19 – 02.08.19, Ripon College Cuddesdon) – and on British Gospel Music (more generally)

The previous post on this blog is a reflection of a music and worship conference – an event that was more than a shot in the arm in terms of my reconnecting to my vocation of sacred ‘musicking’. However, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be exploring ways of Christian congregational […]

So God loves sin…

Warning: this is not a blog post for those who are unable to read in straight lines and think rigorously…and also, if you are not familiar with ‘satire’ then this may be an injudicious use of your time… ~ The $64,000,000 question remains: what exactly, pray tell, is the gospel? Is it what about people […]

And they sang a new song…

After a long time away from the blogosphere, during which much has changed in my life, I am returning to public writing with renewed vigour, praising God for His work in my life. And while I have no intentions of hamfisting my way through rose-coloured notions of ‘new beginnings,’ I do want to ‘pick up […]