A recent devotional for a gospel choir

It is amazing when the Holy Spirit works in ways and at times you really don’t expect. For those of us who lead choirs that comprise entirely of members with their own Christian faith, every rehearsal should be an opportunity to affirm individual and collective faith. Sometimes the ‘devotional bit’ is nothing more than a […]

Praise is over-rated…

Last weekend, I led worship. I fasted and prayed beforehand. And as I did that, I became aware of all the things in me which did not qualify me to lead anyone or anything in corporate worship to a holy God. Note to anyone who thinks that fasting is a tool to buy currency and […]

And they sang a new song…

After a long time away from the blogosphere, during which much has changed in my life, I am returning to public writing with renewed vigour, praising God for His work in my life. And while I have no intentions of hamfisting my way through rose-coloured notions of ‘new beginnings,’ I do want to ‘pick up […]

Does worship have a race problem?

This short post comes from Craig Borlase, the editor of Mission Worship magazine. As ever, it is here to stimulate thought (and more)… There are times in life when each of us feels as though we are standing on solid ground. We know what we think and we know how the world works. We might […]