One of my heroes speaks about the St Matthew Passion

James MacMillan is someone very, very rare in the professional music industry. One of the most successful living composers that we have, he is also a very devout Roman Catholic. And while there are excellent historical reasons for the Protestant Reformation and the ongoing commitment of many Protestants to Protestant theology, I have now learnt […]

Change of pace, change of direction…

Those of you who ever played high-school basketball seriously may recognise the words from the title of this post as being applicable to thinking about one’s personal offense with the ball in hand. Possibly one of the great unalloyed, uncomplicated joys of my teenage years was driving into the paint (having just lost my man […]

I really, really liked this. So I decided to share it with you here at the theomusicology blog. As I have commented to the author, I could not have put it better myself.

Originally posted on Theomusicology Blog:
This post comes hot off the heels of something I read on another blog. And I had to come on here and say something about the same issue. I’d love to hear some comments on this one. We seem to have a huge number of different worship styles and concomitant…