Einstein v. the Professor

The following ‘historical narrative’ was posted on facebook recently. It was not the first time I had read it, but this time I thought I would capture it for posterity on my own blog. I am unable to verify the actual historical reliability of this account, but the ideas themselves are well worth considering – […]

Put on your armour!

And immediately, the question comes – is that the best way to express the reality? Whose armour is this? If it was ‘ours’ – as in, we had ownership of it – then why would the Apostle call it the armour of God? By now any Biblically literate readers will have clocked that I am […]

‘A Life of Praise’

The title of this post comes from Lesson 9 of the Sabbath School lesson quarterly for the 4th Quarter 2007, written by Gavin Anthony, but also ably expounded upon by David Asscherick in the audio commentary he recorded for Pan De Vida Productions. These days, there are times when it seems to be more ‘correct’ […]