Kierkegaard and gospel music: why the walls between Europe and the African diaspora need to come down

This summer, the game changed forever. I was finally able to realise a dream that up until this opportunity (below) would be nothing more than talk. I am writing from both a practical-musical and theological-church perspective when I now say that musical audiences are still more divided and stratified across genre/context than ever before – […]

Reflections on the recent Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives conference (30.07.19 – 02.08.19, Ripon College Cuddesdon) – and on British Gospel Music (more generally)

The previous post on this blog is a reflection of a music and worship conference – an event that was more than a shot in the arm in terms of my reconnecting to my vocation of sacred ‘musicking’. However, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be exploring ways of Christian congregational […]

“Music is not for the ears!”

Many years ago, I had a good friend whose focus and discipline as a musician used to act as a regular rebuke to me. Not her words – just how she lived her life as a musician. She possessed a basic certainty of drive and overall direction as an undergraduate music student that I knew […]