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As part of my English Lit degree, I’m doing a free-choice philosophy module this semester. Each week we learn about the views of a different ‘big thinker’, starting with Plato and ending up with people like Foucault and Freud, focusing in particular on how their teachings affected what people know and how they know it. I was quite excited to learn that one…

Both sides now…

Well, this post is something of a risk – for two reasons. Firstly, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that more and more people out there from all walks of life are less and less interested in spending long periods of time reading – and especially if the material is dense and serious […]

The Way: Orthodoxy and Why It Matters

Here is another post on a very serious subject that will also save me writing it! Wish it had occurred to me earlier that you could share bread in this kind of way with others! Chuck Colson is one of the genuine good guys of US evangelicalism, and whatever denomination you are (including my fellow […]

Why won’t God just tell me what to do?

Hey good people! I’m not entirely sure who has written this post, but you will read it exactly as I did. I like it enough to make it a ‘guest’ post on this blog. May you be blessed by reading it! Why Won’t God Just Tell Me What To Do? – by MK by Linval […]