Who is worship actually for??

So the question was asked – as follows: How do you balance professionalism in music in worship but still be inclusive? Great question. Important question. Here is what one of the most highly-regarded gospel choral directors working in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church had to say about this: I’m going to throw in another perspective. The […]

Does worship have a race problem?

This short post comes from Craig Borlase, the editor of Mission Worship magazine. As ever, it is here to stimulate thought (and more)… There are times in life when each of us feels as though we are standing on solid ground. We know what we think and we know how the world works. We might […]

Einstein v. the Professor

The following ‘historical narrative’ was posted on facebook recently. It was not the first time I had read it, but this time I thought I would capture it for posterity on my own blog. I am unable to verify the actual historical reliability of this account, but the ideas themselves are well worth considering – […]