Sing the gospel, believe the gospel…

I have always wondered why so many people who do not believe the gospel message sing sacred music of all descriptions so well and so meaningfully sometimes that one is very hard-pressed to believe that they don’t believe! WHY won’t more Christians sing like they actually believe? Do we sing what we do because we […]

God is still at work; do we still believe?

I am still reflecting on the evening’s sermon that I heard earlier. Some incredible stories from a variety of evangelism ‘front-lines’ that really made one stop and think about what God is doing in the world. Earlier this week the Bible study group that I lead at one of our UK universities discussed doubt. In […]

A few thoughts on addiction

In my own life experience, in both Christian and non-Christian circles I have encountered the idea that a person can be addicted to something good as well as something bad. Sometimes the rationale for this idea is based on Ephesians 5:18, which reads thus: “Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. […]

Re-thinking my own ambitions…

This morning, something happened that took me back to my childhood, and a specific vision that I had for my life. A better word would be ‘ambition.’ I would tell you what it was, but I can also see that doing justice to the specifics would make it another 2000-plus-word-post, and I am not sure […]

Is the Lord really your Shepherd?

Here’s a huge problem for the Christian Church: many preachers are only preaching sermons that are geared towards helping people to live a better life here and now. They are not preparing people for the soon return of Jesus Christ. When the author of the book of Ecclesiastes said (7:2) “it is better to go […]

Good and evil are NOT equal!

  It was in trying to craft a first sentence of this post that I realised all over again how deeply unwise some generalisations are. What do people believe regarding ‘good’ and ‘evil?’ And do they arrive at the positions that they hold on their own terms, or do they merely appropriate the arguments and […]