Praise is over-rated…

Last weekend, I led worship.

I fasted and prayed beforehand. And as I did that, I became aware of all the things in me which did not qualify me to lead anyone or anything in corporate worship to a holy God. Note to anyone who thinks that fasting is a tool to buy currency and favour with God – often when you fast, Satan shows up at the same time as the Almighty and starts causing problems. We have already dealt with fasting controversies elsewhere…

But I remembered being taught by a fantastic gentleman called Louis Torres something about how to pray before embarking on an act of ministry: if you pray beforehand, you’d best believe that God will hear and answer you!

Without being side-tracked by the lack of caveats and disclaimers, this was one time where belief was entirely necessary. With Satan hard at work prior to the service, this was either God’s time, or this praise team was a busted flush. And that was the backdrop to the pre-rehearsal prayer.

God showed up. And after the service, the levels of approbation were the highest I have ever experienced.

But this is the thing: I’ve led worship before in total sincerity, and not had that response. And I’ve directed praise teams and other Levitical groups who were as spiritually and musically prepared as they could be, and met opposition.

And at other times Levites have participated in worship, and played and sung quite terribly, and the love/positivity/support/etc from their hearers has been serious!

This has led to the ineluctable conclusion: the feedback of the congregation is not ever supposed to be the barometer by which one judges the success of a worship team enterprise.

Something is good because it is good – not because the church members say so.

Something is bad because it is bad – not because the church members say so.

So, let us not be defined by the words and thoughts of others, but look to increase our own skill and understanding as Levites so that we can set our own path and chart our own course to the heavy level – in Jesus’ Name!

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