Change of pace, change of direction…

Those of you who ever played high-school basketball seriously may recognise the words from the title of this post as being applicable to thinking about one’s personal offense with the ball in hand. Possibly one of the great unalloyed, uncomplicated joys of my teenage years was driving into the paint (having just lost my man with a nifty ball-fake), blowing past the opposition and dropping a reverse layup for two. The feeling of that was just amazing.

How times change.

And they are a-changing here on the theomusicology blog. I had no idea that people were really choosing to have more than one blog. But now that I have discovered this, it makes all the sense in the world.

And so, without further ado, the door to everything NOT covered under the banner of theology, liturgy and music will be dispatched elsewhere. And as a starting point, please do come a take a look at the first of the new blogs – please click here!

Many thanks for your continued support of our work here and in and advance of our work elsewhere. God bless you all.

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