In light of recent comments (not necessarily on this blog) about the alleged superiority of hymns over praise and worship songs, this came back to mind…

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The inspiration behind this post came put of a conversation from one of the singers in one of my choirs. This person had been been singing the song ‘Our God is an Awesome God’ – sung by several artists including Helen Baylor (whose version I heard first) but ‘updated’ for a ‘younger’ audience by the redoubtable Kirk Franklin – and his version is how most of the people I know who know the song hear it. As for who actually wrote the song, a search on google would suggest that it was Michael W. Smith…

Having heard the Kirk Franklin version of this song, the singer in question came to me with the observation that the lyric “He reigns with wisdom, power and love….” is in fact quite profound. OK, most Christian believers accept that God is all-powerful (omnipotent), so that’s not telling us anything. However, some (including so-called ‘Christians’)…

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