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This post comes hot off the heels of something I read on another blog. And I had to come on here and say something about the same issue. I’d love to hear some comments on this one.

We seem to have a huge number of different worship styles and concomitant services out there. Family services; seeker services; youth services; praise and worship services; miracles-and-healing services; outreach services (and maybe we also have ‘inreach’ as well…); high-church services; low church services – and all with their own music protocols, dress codes and vernaculars.

I’m not knocking variety. But today’s question goes something like this: while of course the world is made up of difference – period – at what point do we stop being positively different – culturally and linguistically etc – under the banner of Christ – and become veritable capitalist consumers of worship?

In the book Selling Worship, Pete…

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