‘count it all joy…’

Today has been one of those days, and the afternoon is not yet done. And yet I do need to come on up and express a few things – not least about how good God is.

It looks as if I have been double-booked with another artist, courtesy of a venue. Definitely not my fault. The other artist is more high-profile than I am, and in times past this would be a source of considerable stress.

The funny thing is that this fact would not yet have emerged had I not spent some time trying to advertise the gig online. The other artist spotted it and got in touch.

Now here’s the thing – in times past, I became so disllusioned with people not attending events that I fell out of the habit of marketing any of my events. And there is a certain sardonic irony in that – those performances aspired to nothing beyond everyone playing or singing as well as they could. There was no higher purpose.

Now, I have a new reason to try and do what I can to bring people to my events. I want them to come into contact with music that points to something – SOMEONE – more. The Reality that transcends – the Way, Truth and the Life.

But there is a new focus here. The fact is that I cannot make things work out on my own power. I need God to be God. And so I refuse to get stressed about what has happened. This is the reality of life. People make mistakes. Artists get double-booked. But I will not be fighting for my rights. Had the Son of God done that, we would not be here. Instead, I will let God work this one out.

It is His ministry!

This won’t be the last time that the ‘professional’ end of my musical career goes flip side up. I cannot control that. But I can control my spiritual response to professional challenges. And that’s the amazing thing about my ‘new’ career…it won’t work in the same way as a secular music career.

As Marvin Sapp (gospel artiste) sang – “I’m gonna praise Him in advance!”


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