Hello world!

Hello indeed! I kind of feel that this blog should have come into existence a long time ago, but everything happens on the Almighty’s schedule, not ours, and I really hope that this can become a very serious forum for debate on the aforementioned issues.

I am hereby welcome not only my fellow Adventists, but the whole Christian world – and indeed, the whole world – to this blog. In fact, some of you non-believers really need to come on here and tell all of us what you’ve made of the church services you’ve attended. Bring it on. No beating round the mulberry bushes. Just remember – NO swearing or cursing, no disrespect of people who believe differently. Everyone is welcome, but it is my hope and prayer that this can become a blog spot where serious thinkers who care about these issues can come to be positively stimulated and that those who post comments really try to express themselves as clearly as possible.

To find out more about why this blog even exists, please click on the link on the right for the page entitled ‘The Reason Why.’

Stand by for the next post – but meanwhile, do feel free to comment on the above – or anything else related! Maybe what you say will trigger an idea for a forthcoming post…!

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