A new rationale for the Theomusicology Blog

When this blog was first conceived and eventually started in 2008, it was predicated on the notion that its author would be increasingly active in prototypical contexts for music and worship ministry. Having been part of numerous blog communities in the ‘Noughties’ and really appreciated the possibilities for fellowship and conviviality, it was my dream to build an interdenominational safe space for such conversations around these themes.

I began writing my heart out, and singularly failed to realise that my blog posts were just too long – and for some people, too serious. And there may have been other issues – but the upshot was that by early 2009 I gave up writing because almost no-one was talking back to me. Long story short, by the beginning of 2011 I realised that people were in fact reading, even if they weren’t talking to me. And so I began to write – just to write.

Since then, I have been on a roller-coaster journey in ‘ministry’ in my church, and while my faith has been tested in some profound and unwanted ways, we don’t get to choose which trials we face and which ones we don’t! But despite the religious nature of this blog’s content, I have enjoyed some marvellous interactions with fully-fledged non-believers (re: Christianity) and their on-it-ness in various ways has contrasted wildly with the specious, nonsensical trite that so many Christians now take to be appropriate for the most important truth we have in humanity.

As of the autumn (or fall, as our US friends have it) of 2018, the Theomusicology Blog is no longer focussed on content that is specific to the ongoing internecine warfare being waged inside and across Christian communities over music and worship. Do not get me wrong – there will still be posts in those areas. But this blog is going to become what some blogs are supposed to be – wonderfully idiosyncratic manifestations of a particular individual’s journey of thought and life. And given that my areas of study and interest now cover not only musicology and theology in multiple forms, but philosophy, mental health, cultural studies, linguistics, aesthetics (never saw that coming!) and more – this is officially a blog about music in the context of all these things – and intentionally written for absolutely everyone to read. I have theological presuppositions which undergird my entire worldview, and it would be disingenuous to try and act otherwise – but my desire to communicate and relate to those who believe the opposite but who also appreciate difference has never been greater.

So, thank you for reading, and I look forward to interacting with you through this blog!

-Alexander Douglas